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Peter A. Iannazzo - Our Founder

Peter A. Iannazzo

Our Founder
Peter Iannazzo was our founder. He was an Orthotist and for 50 years, Caldwell’s made Orthotics and Prosthetics. When his kids got older, they expanded the business into Home Medical Equipment. For many years, the two different departments worked together. In 1999, so he could retire, Peter sold the Orthopedic division and now the company is only Home Medical Equipment and soft goods. Service was everything to Peter and we have done everything we can to keep that service ethic alive. He was patient, kind and community oriented. No one was turned away. He was also a great leader, teacher and mentor.
Karen O'Connor - President

Karen O'Connor

Phone: 203-348-0174
Karen O'Connor is the daughter of Peter Iannazzo. After graduating from college in 1984 with a Bachelors in Business Administration, she joined her father. With her brother Stephen (no longer with the company) started the Home Medical Equipment Division. In 1996, she became the manager of the HME division and in 2004, became President of the R.A. Caldwell Co Inc. Over the years Karen has add Caldwell's Consignment Corner as well as modular ramping systems.
Julie Merring - Vice President

Julie Merring

Vice President
Phone: 203-850-2208
Julie joined Caldwells in 1990 to help in the office but quickly made herself indespable. Accounts payable and accounts receivable are just some of the many hats she wears. Julie is a detail oriented person who
Terrence O'Connor - HEAD OF LOGISTICS

Terrence O'Connor

Terrence, known to our community as Terry, has been with us since August of 1997. Terry oversees anything that requires cross-departmental communication and coordination. The time that he has spent with us has allowed him to gain superior knowledge of the inner workings of all the departments at the company.

Karen Delio

Karen, known to our community as Sharon, started working at R.A. Caldwell in April of 2014. Karen handles day to day store operations and general inquiries. Her time here has earned her a reputation of excellent customer service and exceptional communication skills. Karen can be reached at our regular phone line or by email.

Enedina Ortiz-Campa

Enedina, known to our community as Annie, has been with us since April of 2016. Enedina is one of two of our bilingual members with a growing following within our community base. Enedina has many responsibilities ranging from customer experience to general sales. She can be reached by email or our regular phone line.

Clive Scott

Clive has been with us since December of 2012. He started here at the age of 17 and since then has shown exemplary communication skills. Due to his craftsmanship and ability to fix all types of equipment, he has cemented his roll here and has earned him his title.
Robert Valles - HEAD DRIVER

Robert Valles

Robert, known to our community as Rob, has been with us since October of 2017. Rob is also a bilingual member and oversees the coordination of all the deliveries and the drivers. With years of prior delivery experience, Rob brings superior knowledge and service to our delivering department.